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Martial arts are an excellent way to improve self-confidence, discipline, concentration, flexibility, balance and skills for self-defence ...all while having fun!


The class is geared for kids and adults ages 7 and up.

We meet Wednesdays from 5-6pm in our church basement.

Anyone is free to watch as long as there is no interference with proceedings. There is no starting or ending date so newcomers are free to join at any time. 

We ask for $20/month for each student. (If this is not in the budget but you still want to join, still contact us. We don’t want cost to stop anyone from joining.) If you decide to join the class, you will need a uniform, which costs $35. 

Pastor Aaron is the class instructor. 

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Student Creed:

(This is recited together at the beginning of each class and students will eventually be expected to memorize it.)

I am a martial arts student.
I train to strengthen my mind, body, and to protect myself from serious harm.
I will avoid fighting as much as possible and use my training only as a last resort. 
I will love my enemies and do good to those who mistreat me. 
I will obey my instructors and show respect to everyone. 
I will do my best at everything God sets before me.

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Class Rules

1.    Martial arts are rooted in a culture of high respect. Instructors must be respected and obeyed.  If the head instructor assigns someone to teach you, they deserve as much respect as the head instructor, even if the person has a lower belt.

2.    Students must show respect for other students in word and deed. Bow to others in the prescribed manner whenever it is called for as an act of respect.

3.    During class, students must raise their hand if at any time they have a question, need to use the bathroom, or need to leave the floor for whatever reason. 

4.    If you are late and class is in session, wait at parade rest on the sidelines until you are told to join in.  

5.    The following are not allowed on the training floor: jewelry, shoes, gum, eating, drinking (water bottles allowed), long fingernails, poor hygiene, unnecessary noise, horseplay or any other misbehavior.

6.    Parents & visitors must refrain from talking with students when class is in session. 

7.    Martial art techniques are dangerous tools for self defense only.  If a student uses training techniques to do malicious harm, the student may be permanently expelled.

8.    Failure to follow the rules and obey instructors can result in having to do pushups.  Serious cases of infraction may result in suspension. 


The class is not geared toward participation in competitive tournaments, but will be designed to develop discipline, confidence, physical health, motivation, and concentration. If students wish to train for tournaments, they will need to train at another school. I (Pastor Aaron) personally believe that competitive martial arts undermine the many personal benefits that are gained through this art. Classes will be geared to those who wish to strengthen the mind and body that God has given. 

For the safety of everyone, there will be absolutely no free-sparring until a student reaches the orange belt level, which is typically earned after six months to a year’s worth of training. All such sparring will have direct supervision by myself, and must include wearing proper protective padding and conform to strict rules of conduct.

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